Khaufpur is a city of approaching a million souls situated at the absolute centre of India. The lakes around which our city is built were made a thousand years ago. Since that time the city was lost in jungles, rediscovered and rebuilt. Again in the lifetime of those living, a terrible calamity came upon this city, but again it has risen and continues toward a future filled with promise.

Khaufpur is many things to many people, and sometimes, when we recall particular pages in its history, we lose sight of all the things that our city is: the capital of an ancient kingdom, a place of romantic beauty, fine architecture and splendid scenery, a historic city surrounded by the deepest forests in India, a centre of music and arts, where the ghazal and the khayal flourished, where as great a voice as our own Aawaaz-e-Khaufpur made those amazing flights of fancy and fantasy by the shores of this very lake pictured below.

Our city has been touched by great tragedy, but it is also a city of science, of engineering, of scholarship and of hope.

Welcome again, to our city of lakes, the famous, the beautiful city of Khaufpur. –S Allaudin