Law and order? No fear say capital’s robbers!

STAFF REPORTER KHAUFPUR Thieves nowadays seem to be on top of the sky, concerns over the cases are escalating but still helplessness seems to prevail. In Govindpura area, in broad day light, a old man heading towards a bank has been robbed and robbers easily fled the spot unfazed by the fear of law and order. The whole area was perhaps scanned by the robbers as without any clue from the victim’s side the burglary was not possible. According to sources, the victim Murli Dhar Agrawal was heading to a bank riding his two wheeler Activa , at 10:37 am sharp but suddenly his scooty got collided by a prankster and he fell off from it, and next thing he witnessed was that another accomplice poured chilli powder in his eyes. Two of the acquaintances considered it to be a normal brawl and they rushed the spot to settle the case but to their surprise it was a robbery bid, the victim handed over his bag to Sheru, but suddenly the robber pinned a knife on him and snatched the bag. The whole incident was captured in the CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity. Many of the passersby witnessed it but none of them even dared to save him. The vehicles have reportedly been purchased from Ashoka Garden area but the owner of the bikes is in Maharashtra perhaps to keep busy police doing nothing. According to sources, as many as 22 employees are working in the shop of the victim. The victim also owns a whole sale shop of oil.

Illegal liquor caught

The Hanumanganj Police has confiscated 21 sacks of liquor that was to be distributed among voters in the upcoming elections. According to Police, the accused Om Prakash Bharati was carrying liquor in his car and when police asked him to stop his car he stepped on gas following which Police rushed behind him and caught hold of him. The confiscated liquor is amounting to Rs 60,000.

Over 5 lakh stolen with forgery

In Kohefiza area pranksters have taken away Rs five lakhs and eighty thousand. They have used a counterfeit cheque to pull out the forgery. According to Police, Maya Khan 29 is a nurse in Hamidia hospital and was in touch with Bhupendra and Rakesh Kumawat who had assured Maya for a personal loan and took papers for it. They then sanctioned loan but neither did they inform her nor handed over the Cheque to her. The duo is still at large.

Chief Minister comments

The so-called novel is a filthy and vile poison full of bad language and sexy frolics. It should be banned for depicting Khaufpuri politicians as cynical, non-serious and corrupt personages. –Chief Minister