This week’s horoscopes


This is a time of great opportunities for everyone, the rolling orbits of Uranus and Neptune is the new and inspirational energy pushing off


This week kindly curb your natural impulsive nature and think of others. Better decisions will be made by listening rather than arguing. Love-wise you are charismatic itself but other person’s feelings are also sacred.


Be careful this week that you don’t go spreading gossip, it may rebound on you. A surprise encounter will lift your spirits. It may be the start of an important business relationship. Be sure to look your best on Saturday, for by Jove romance is well starred.


Enjoy all social encounters as only you know how. An invitation of an unusual nature may lead to financial gain, but take care not to rush into things with eyes closed. If in doubt trust your lion instincts and roar out your name so all the world can hear.


This week kindly spare some time from your busy schedule to treat yourself. Put your own health first and let others look after themselves. If you are looking to change your job be optimistic. It’s in the air. Lost items will mysteriously reappear


Old friends may need some help and you are well placed to offer it. At work you are the star of the week, if not month. If single, you may notice a twinkle in the eye of an admirer. Your generous nature will lead you into warm situations.


Something important that you have been waiting for will at last happen in these coming few days and all your hard work and expectations will be more than fully rewarded. Friends old and new are in the offing and an exciting time lies ahead for you.



old and previous asseverations to make way for new.  If desirous of a consultation you may kindly send your questions to Shri Shri Shadangi Maharaj via the instrument of email.


This is no time to be a stubborn bubborn. You can be naturally charming and this is the week to show it. Attend to business with a light touch and affairs of the heart will go with a swing. On Thursday look out for a surprise windfall.


There’s lots to do around the home but make sure that you leave time for a special outing towards the end of the week. All matters pertaining to personal life are well aspected and a long lost dear one may appear out of blue for a happy reunion.


Pennypinching was never your style, just your mother-in-law’s, but this week paise-wise you must be a little careful. For once let the details take care of themselves and see the big picture. All things will turn out well, watch the postbox on Monday.


Family matters are weighing heavily on your mind but maybe you should just leave family to get on with their own lives. Go out, buy some new clothes, kulfi eat, go to the cinema, and enjoy. A chance meeting may turn out to be important.


Your sense of humour is needed right now but remember that all things are sent to try us and that the universe is a joke of the Upstairs One so don’t take life too seriously. Chicken pox only lasts three weeks.


You have achieved much that you set out to do, but you can still do much more, and this week the stars are on your side, urging you forward to new endeavours. You may do some travel but don’t be distracted from your true purpose in life.