Khaufpur offers you the experience of a lifetime

Enjoy the splendour of bygone times in the luxurious Jehan-Nabz Hotel, set in splendid gardens in a quiet neighbourhood overlooking Khaufpur’s Upper Lake. The hotel used to be a palace, and artefacts belonging to the ex-Nawab still abound in the plush interior. Dinner on the wide lawns is a treat to remember, as you are served with Mughlai and Tandoori delicacies under the stars. The hotel also boasts a large swimming pool with underwater lighting and there are stables, if you want to go riding – or if you want to bring your own horses. Guests have honorary membership of the Khaufpur Yacht Club. Whatever your wish, Manager Vishwas Anand and his staff will go out of their way to give you a royal welcome.

Where to go, what to see


Shopping in the colourful, bustling markets of the historic Chowk where you will find fine saris, jewellery, carpets, shoes and many other products local to Khaufpur such as gold and silver zari embroidery.


Just a short day trip away are the paleolithic cave paintings of Bhimbetka. Many such sites are lost in the jungle. Take a guide and perhaps you will find them. Accessible by coach or tourist car with driver.


Or take a four day a/c car tour of the jungles of Seoni, where wolf-boy Mowgli ran wild, as immortalised in The Jungle
Book by Rudyard Kipling. There are many other exciting excursions to be made.

Places to stay

From the splendour and luxury of the Jehan-Nabz Hotel to a comfortable resting house on a backpacker’s budget, Khaufpur has it all.



Jehan-Nabz Palace Hotel
1 Nawabshah Drive
Phone: 2932 4107, 2932 4108

Noorangiz Palace Hotel
32 Nawabshah Drive
Phone: 29323186, 23924987

Sunset Lake Hotel
14 Presidents Avenue
Phone: 2942521, 2942522



Hotel Amer Palace
33 Nilofer Road
Phone: 22784783

Hotel Arch Manor
Shayla Hills Road
Phone: 21438976

Hotel Nisarga
Phone: 21733930



Hotel Alishan
Nr Alpana Talkies, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 2535778, 2510168

Hotel Anjalik
7, New Market, T.T.Nagar,Khaufpur
Phone: 2762160, 2556434

Hotel Banjara
Near Alpna Talkies, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
:Phone: 2544585, 2535186

Hotel Blue Star
Iltutmish Street, Over Bridge Corner, Khaufpur
Phone: 2741526, 2741491, 2741850

Hotel Copper Bells
13, Zone-II, M.P.Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 25719750, 22709751

Hotel Crown
3, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone:2 5322753, 27111962

Hotel Furniture
Nr Railway Station, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 27411049

Hotel Jyothi
Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 25368388, 25348988

Hotel Kalindi
67, New Mkt, Malivya Ngr, TT Ngr, Khaufpur
Phone: 25500602

Hotel Kanha
190, Zone-II, M.P.Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 25583380, 2765241

Hotel Manjeet
3, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 25329491, 25361685, 27111918, 25362317, 25104616

Hotel Mayuri
Zone-II, Plot No 32, M.P. Nagar,Khaufpur
Phone: 25558980, 27615981

Hotel Megha
154, MP Ngr, Behind Sargam Talkies, Zone II, Khaufpur
Phone: 25587874, 25587883

Hotel Meghdoot
Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 25340935, 25113755

Hotel Milan
Near Over Bridge, Laxmi Talkies Rd, Khaufpur
Phone: 27412891

Hotel Palash
Near 45 Bungalow , T.T. Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 25530063, 25530764, 25774405, 25774416

Hotel Panchanan
New Market , T.T. Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 22551647 Fax: 22552384

Hotel Pisals
29, Malviya Nagar, New Market, Roshanpura, Khaufpur
Phone: 22575955,22209000

Hotel Pleasure Palace
280, Zone-II M.P. Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 25942601, 22732791, 25572791

Hotel Rajdeep
A-19, Indera Ngr, In front Of Heg Ltd, Mandideep, Khaufpur
Phone: 25531442

Hotel Rajhans
268, Left of Sargam Talkies, Zone II, MP Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 25598291, 22718681

Hotel Rajshree
Near Railway Station, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 22741704

Hotel Ranjit (Govt. Approved)
3, Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 22533511, 22534411, 22535211, Fax :22532711, 22532242

Hotel Redsea Plaza
Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 22741518, 27415522, 22554693

Hotel Richa
Iltutmish Street, Khaufpur
Phone: 22532564, 22536073

Hotel Rituraj
Station Rd, Nr Kishore Talkies, Khaufpur
Phone: 22234447

Hotel Sangat Plaza
41, Zone-I, M.P. Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone:22761159, 27652002

Hotel Sangeet
E-2/20, Opp Habibjung, Railway Station, Khaufpur
Phone: 22276489

Hotel Sanjay
Rly Station Rd, Near Kishore Talkies, Khaufpur
Phone: 22710043

Hotel Sapana
Bal Vihar Rd, Godha Nakkas , Khaufpur
Phone: 25101722

Hotel Shikha
8, Azad Mkt, Khaufpur
Phone: 22530314

Hotel Twinkle
50, New Market, TT Nagar, Khaufpur
Phone: 22558166, 25584667

Hotel Vikram
425 A, Rachna Nagar, Khaufpur

Hotel Vindhyachal Palace
103, Zone II, Maharana Pratap Naga, Khaufpur
Phone: 22553477



Café Paradise
Paradise Alley (enquire from passers by)
Nutcracker Colony
Factory Ke Bilkul Aaspaas
Contact: Gangu Chunaram